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Rug Cleaning

Step 1:


A pre-inspection of the rug is to determine the fiber type, a dye test to ensure there is no bleeding of the dyes within the rug and the construction type and conditions of the rug. 

GUy Feeling Carpet or Rug

Step 2:


The next step is the dusting process where we try to remove as much dry soil and particles as we can from the rug before we get it wet. Wool rugs can hold pounds of soil in before they look dirty and it will make this cleaning process much more effective the more we get out the grit when it is dry. At ZCC, our dusting steps go from running a vacuum across the back side of a woven rug that will shake loose the soil to the front. Then the BADGER (this is a portable duster that vibrates the back of the rug with small strips to beat the soil out of the rug. 

Step 3: 


This includes dye-stabilizing (if needed), shampooing, and rinsing. After washing, the rinsing begins, and this can also be done by an assortment of tools. The wash will loosen soils and stains. We use a non-aggressive machine to agitate and a cleaning solution that is safe yet totally effective in removing bacteria and soils.

Rug Shop

Step 4: 


After the cleaning step, we are now getting the excess water from the rug. This is where our patented "Evacuator" comes into play. The Evacuator is a unique vacuum table where you lay the rugs on top and flood with fresh clean water. Using copious amounts of water, this is flushing away the soils and bacteria, including urine and various hard to clean stains.  

Step 5: 


After the rug has gone through this cleaning process, we then take the rugs to dry in our designated dry room. With our elevated sport courts, numerous dehumidifiers that brings the appropriate heat and circulation to safely dry the rugs.

Rug Dry Room
Rug Shop Done

Step 6: 


Our finishing process is where we put the rug in our extra treat area, to see if anything has been missed, ensure the rug is completely dry,  and straighten out the fringe. After our certified technicians have completed this quality assurance check, finally your beautiful rugs are vacuumed for the last time and rolled for delivery. (Wrapped if requested)  


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