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a family-built company

"We began this company with just a pinto wagon and a portable cleaning machine. Today, after 40 years of hard work and dedication. We are proud to offer our services in washing your fine rugs, cleaning your beautiful carpets, and other home furnishings. We are also thrilled to have our grandson Caleb, who is a third-generation carpet cleaner, join our team. We would like to express our gratitude to the Greensboro community for putting their trust in us and helping us to build such a successful company."


-Mike & Linda Zimmerman

Caleb Brinkley is happily married to his Wife Anni and serves as the operations manager of Zimmerman Carpet & Rug Cleaners. He is the third-generation carpet cleaner in his family, following the footsteps of his grandparents Mike and Linda. Caleb has been passionate about vacuuming carpets since he was three years old, always looking up to his grandfather and admiring the clean carpet vacuum lines. We are privileged to have him as a part of our team, ensuring that we maintain our high standards and provide excellent service to our valued customers.

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