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Hardwood & laminate floor cleaning

Providing Every Clean You May Need

wood floor cleaning

We want your floors to last

Keeping hardwood floors clean can improve the overall beauty of your home. A hardwood floor contributes greatly to the atmosphere and aesthetics of the home, and it is one of the largest investments in your home’s interior. Here at ZCC we want to help extend its life and to keep your home look its best. Cleaning and caring for your hardwood floor will protect your investment. ZCC cleaning is one of the most effective ways of keeping hardwood floors in great shape.

hardwood preventative care

Hardwood floor cleaning with ZCC not only removes most bacteria but also helps prevents foul odors, which might arise from soiled and dirty hardwood flooring. It also inhibits the growth of mold. Besides, we us a cleaning process that is an environment-friendly method of cleaning since it does not use any cleaning agents or harsh chemicals.

wood floor cleaning
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