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pet and child mess

Pet-Stain & odor removal

How do we identify where the spots are? 

We will bring in a urine probe or a UV black light to determine exactly where the problems are and treat only the affected areas with the proper deodorizers. Our  certified technicians are specially trained in urine removal and are equipped with the tools to do so – we can even extract urine from the pad.

Why is it so important urine stains be treated quickly? 

If urine stays in the carpet or upholstery for an extended period of time, it will permanently stain. Even worse, it will eventually eat away the backing of the fiber and destroy the carpet or upholstery. In addition, there is the obvious unhealthy situation and odor the urine will cause.

Why should I consider Green Guard Protectant after a spot treatment? 

Green Guard Carpet/ Fiber Protector is a cutting edge protector that uses nanotechnology to block the open dye sites on your carpet or fabric that allow dirt and stains to absorb into the fiber. This acid/dye blocking technology helps maintain your carpet and fabric's "Like new" appearance.

did you know we offer a 6 month spot & spill warranty?

If you weren't aware, now you are! We offer a gold package cleaning service that includes Green Guard Fiber Protector as well as a 6 month spot and spill warranty where we will come out and treat those spots within that time frame. 

*Excluding Pet stains and Bodily Fluids

If you’d like more information about our pet & spot cleanings, Call us today.


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